Hillary Gets (More Than) a Little Help from Her Media Friends

It’s heartening to see that the unprecedented level of liberal media bias is getting attention during this general election. I just wish some of the big money people on our side would wake up to the need for one of these national networks to be purchased by those who would like to see more of reality covered by the press. It would be a lot easier to fight the information war if conservatives didn’t cede the dominant media to the radical political left.

Here are two articles from American Thinker:

Hillary Gets (More Than) a Little Help from Her Media Friends
By Clarice Feldman

Before the Internet when I wanted to keep track of a story, I had to clip articles and file them, often establishing over the years how much in error the press accounts had been. Now, a few clicks and there we have what we had remembered but not saved. It will come as no surprise to regular readers of the Washington Post to learn that one of their oped writers Ruth Marcus is easily exposed as a partisan spinner in a quick check of  a comparison of her treatment of Hillary Clinton and former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

This week, Marcus wrote an editorial critical of Donald Trump’s “unhinged calls” for a special prosecutor to look into the Clinton Foundation. She dismissed the claims that the Foundation was a “pay to play” operation.

Actually, the facts so far don’t come close to special prosecutor territory. The “favors done” — the supposed quo for the Clinton Foundation quid — appear pretty meager.

The most critical remark she can manage is to suggest that since Hillary is beset by “enemies” who apply a stricter standard to her, she should have been more careful.

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Pre-Empting the Liberal Media
By Steve Feinstein

Liberal mainstream media bias for Hillary Clinton is the single biggest factor so far in this election season contributing to her lead in the polls. The nightly news on NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, the NY Times, Washington Post, the morning and late-night TV shows, CNN, MSNBC, and all the websites associated with these sources are strongly and openly behind Hillary and her “first woman” status. Many so-called journalists have dropped any pretense of objectivity and are quite unashamedly and openly supportive of Clinton, while they derisively dismiss Trump as an unserious nonentity. Ostensibly, it is Trump’s presence in this year’s race that has caused liberal bias to be so prominent, but no rational observer could possibly think that the media would show any less favoritism towards First-Woman Hillary if her Republican opponent were Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich.

That the mainstream media is liberally biased is not in question. The major mainstream newsrooms — continually fed with an unending stream of liberally-oriented reporters from liberal journalism schools like Columbia, Harvard, BU, etc. — are veritable echo chambers of down-the-line liberalthink, resulting in a self-perpetuating condition of liberally-biased reporting.

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