Homosexual Marriage: Listen to the Children

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

As activist judges, a secular left media, and PC politicians all work overtime to implement the radical homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage, the very people we should be listening to in this debate are being completely ignored and overlooked.

And this is even more important now that the US Supreme Court has decided to hold a hearing on homosexual marriage in April. As usual, the homosexual activists will get a terrific hearing, as they seek to shout the loudest and drown out competing voices. But it is the children that should be heard here.

Indeed, in all the clamouring for homosexual marriage and adoption rights, one vitally important party to all this is conspicuous by its absence. What about the children? Why do we never consider their needs, rights and concerns? Why is it only the selfish lusts and wants of adults that we consider, but never the well-being of children?

We of course know the answer to those questions. The radical militants don’t actually give a rip about the rights of the child (to have their own biological mother and father, eg), but only care about themselves, and their destructive social engineering agendas.

Children are simply the abused pawns in the twisted games of adult activists. It is time that they got to speak up about all this. And some of them are starting to do just that. Children raised in homosexual households are beginning to tell their side of the story, and it is imperative that we listen carefully to them.

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