The Homosexual Stalking of Jeanette Runyon (Part 3)

Earlier this year I read through the Gospels again and was taken by how often Jesus refers to the consequences of sin, the existence of hell, and to the time when there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Clearly those who are a part of the nicer-than-Jesus movement find themselves using their black markers to blot out a lot of Bible verses — such as John 8:42-47.

Then just last week I read the following in the small Book of Jude, the last of the epistles:

“…Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.”

Is it passages like this that makes those who hate Judeo-Christian sexual mores so angry? Maybe. Or maybe, as the passage in Jude continues, it’s because they are “unreasoning animals” who bring about their own destruction.

Before they bring on their own final destruction, though, many of them seek to destroy others. One target we’re looking at is Jeanette Runyon (read part one and part two).

Ten years ago in her book The Death of Right and Wrong, Tammy Bruce wrote that “Today’s moral relativism and selfish agendas are moving through the body of society like a cancer, putting all of us at risk.” Bruce delved into the psychology of many proponents of so-called “gay rights” by explaining that her own childhood trauma made her “a perfect candidate for leadership in the Left Elite.” Bruce writes that she disqualified herself by seeking psychological help. Getting to recovery is critical, she says, so you can “…face your issues, deal with them, get the help you need, and rejoin life.”

When you do that, Bruce said, you act “as a survivor and as your ordinary self” focused on individual change rather than social change. Avoiding recovery leads to a sinister development: “The subconscious transference of the injured person’s trauma onto society.” (The italics are hers, see page 29.)

A person’s state of mind impels their behavior, and in the view of Ms. Bruce, this lack of recovery from trauma is the motivating factor behind those who seek to undermine traditional moral standards. It is also easy to assume that these unresolved issues compel people to post distasteful comments on websites or engage in cyber stalking and cyber harassment.

Here is more from Jeanette Runyon’s write-up about her experiences with a group of deranged individuals:

Rachael was quiet obsessed and cc’d her tweets about me “stalking” her to anonymous liberals hoping to get someone, anyone, to attack me – and she finally succeeded.

In October of 2013 an anonymous twitter persona “Nicole Bonnet” @NicoleBonnet1 showed up on my Twitter timeline. From her posts it appears that she is a non-practicing progressive Jew who lives in the Northeast (possibly Maine) and is probably a lesbian or extremely sympathetic to the homosexual “cause.”

She repeated and embellished many outrageous claims about me and even bragged that she took a trip to Greensboro to visit with her brother “Mike,” a Greensboro PD officer, to “expose” me and have me “monitored.” I’m not sure why, but this anonymous person also pretends to have contacted my family, my dioceses and groups I am associated with. She even claimed to have spoken with my local police department about me. Again, the best I can tell is she is trying to incite someone to take action targeting me.

“Nicole” has even suggested my disabled retired veteran husband is a criminal himself and has even morphed his military retirement and VA pay as “being on the dole.” She also claimed to have contacted various people and groups he’s associated with. It’s all 100% fabrication. But homosexual activist Thomas Mix has indicated that he believes her lies.

She has even organized a mass campaign against me claiming I am abusive toward her. And it is me who is the stalker (talk about projection). I have complained to Twitter about her relentless stalking and inciting defamation. But like most social media companies, they will not stop the harassing and they claim they are not responsible. However, they seem to be fine with false claims of abuse and so far “Nicole Bonnet” has managed to get at over a dozen of my Twitter accounts suspended. She has history of doing this to other conservatives as well. She DOX’d the disabled Cub Scout son of a Christian supporter of me. He locked his account and deleted all his tweets and yet this anonymous stalker convinced Twitter to suspend his account for abuse.

Twitter apparently doesn’t LOOK at the timelines reported for harassment and abuse; if they had they would have seen that Nicole has hundreds of posts about me that are clearly inciting.

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Jeanette Runyon has had to suffer through this kind of evil for the past seven years.

We’ll conclude this report next time.