How a Moral Code Outrages the Secular Left

The notion of personal responsibility gives the secular severe heartburn.

From Bob Knight at the Washington Times:

Have you ever noticed that people who worry most about someone “imposing your morality” on them are often the same folks who speak almost entirely in moral terms?

Statistics, logic, historical perspective and even biology are no match for the moral-heavy vernacular of victimhood.

How else to explain the lunacy spreading through the federal judiciary like kudzu regarding voter-approved marriage laws, which the courts are striking down with mad abandon. Seventh Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner spoke for many of his colleagues in the bin, er, on the bench, when he characterized laws that recognize natural marriage solely as products of “hate” and “savage” discrimination.

There are ways to address this kind of nonsense. The late, great William F. Buckley got away with employing a blizzard of logic against liberal opponents by seasoning it with gentle, disarming ridicule. He regularly exposed their lunatic notions without appearing to call them crazy or immoral.

But I’m willing to go out on a limb and call some of today’s public figures and commentators certifiable.

Historian Carol Anderson was given a half page in The Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section on Aug. 31 for an article titled “Ferguson isn’t about black rage.” The Emory University professor insists that the police shooting in the St. Louis suburb of unarmed robbery suspect Michael Brown, which was followed by days of rioting and looting, was triggered by “white rage against black progress.” Say what?

She cited the Jim Crow era and linked it to current conservative efforts to “slash the government payrolls that have long served as sources of black employment.” So, if you worry that the federal government’s nearly $18 trillion debt and millions of lines of government red tape pose a serious threat to America’s future, you must be a white racist. Even if you’re black.

She also cited “a rash of voter-suppression legislation,” such as state photo voter-ID laws and other reforms aimed at ensuring that everyone’s vote counts. She quoted the NAACP’s claim that 25 percent of black Americans lack a government-issued photo ID. If you believe that, you must conclude that literally millions of black citizens are driving without licenses and are unable to obtain one. That sounds like a libel cooked up by the Klan, if you ask me.

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