How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Media?

To answer the question in the title, you enter and fight seriously in the information war! Here the intro-sentence to Daniel Payne’s above titled post: “The attacks on Ben Carson are twenty-first-century American media in a nutshell: we got it wrong, but we were still right.” Here is Payne’s opening:

I never intended to become the go-to guy for defending Ben Carson, but in the pages of this august publication I have already done so twice. Carson is not my first choice for candidate. He is not even in my top five. But the treatment this man has received from the media and pundit class has frequently been so dishonest and unfair that it seems necessary to come to his defense.

Grilling a presidential candidate is the media’s job, of course, but they have a responsibility to do so fairly and with a modicum of professional dignity. Carson’s critics have often cheerfully abandoned both of these notions. For Carson’s troubles, we can only hope that President Rubio—in either his first or second term—offers the good doctor some kind of suitable sinecure in one of the few bureaucracies that President Rubio will have not defunded and shut down.

Start with the Politico Fiasco

Last week saw the latest attack on Carson, a partisan hit-piece so breathtakingly transparent that it makes Joseph Pulitzer’s yellow journalism look like a reflective essay in the Virginia Quarterly Review. Politico’s Kyle Cheney published an article so earnest in its dishonesty that you almost believe Cheney himself bought it. According to the report, Carson had been lying for years about his application, admission, and offer of a “full scholarship” to West Point.

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