How state and federal money is ’empowering’ troubled young men in dangerous lives as “transgenders”

When my friends at Mass Resistence are sickened, you know it has to be really bad:

Special report: How government traps young men in the transgender subculture

This is one of the most troubling articles we’ve published. The public school programs that encourage children to experiment with cross-dressing and transgenderism are often just the beginning of a terrible journey that can lead to disease and even early death.

We have reported how the radical “LGBT youth programs” in the public schools are encouraging troubled kids to begin dressing as the opposite sex and then take on a “transgender” identity. In Massachusetts, after the Transgender Rights Law was passed the Department of Education immediately began taking steps to force public schools to officially embrace and support such behavior by kids, letting them use opposite-sex locker rooms and restrooms and changing their names on official records. At the same time, they are imposing radical diversity training on others, and intend to punish students and faculty who voice any disapproval.

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