How the GOP Can Dominate Politics Past 2020

James Arlandson provides a good list for his “How the GOP Can Dominate Politics Past 2020,” but of course the key is entering and fighting seriously in the information war. Here is Arlandson’s opeining:

This is not a futurist post. It’s about a conservative outlook today.

Here’s the problem. America swings back and forth nationally like a pendulum between the GOP and Dems. Here’s the presidency since FDR:

FDR / Truman – Ike – JFK / LBJ – Nixon / Ford – Carter – Reagan / Bush – Clinton – Bush – Obama.

It seems that America believes that one party wears her down. However, the Senate and House have mainly, but not exclusively, belonged to the Dems in all those years. So nationally, people kind of prefer the Dems over the GOP, but barely (state government is another matter).

How does the GOP stop America’s national mood swings?

I take it as a given that the right GOP nominee will barely win the White House in 2016 after election confusion.

Then what?

Here are seven long-range strategies and outlooks (not detailed policies) the GOP must follow if they want to dominate the foreseeable political future.

1. Realize that despite the election victory in 2016, people will still be enamored with big government.

It’s impossible to overstate it: people will wake up after the elections in 2016 and realize they just turned over the reins of power to a party of apparent government-haters.

America will be nervous and forget to take her anti-bipolar meds in 2018 and then in 2020.

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