How The GOP Will Replace Obamacare

So much good information is available on a daily basis, though unfortunately, I know few people in my neighborhood (or most neighborhoods) will benefit from it. While the political left is aggressive in disseminating their arguments, the political right continues to wait for, uh, someone else to do it. Or a miracle.

It’s time for another file dump on Obamacare — the list of links is long, again — and I only wish the important points contained in the material would reach more people.

How The GOP Will Replace Obamacare

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Are There Enough Doctors for the Newly Insured?

Average wait times to see doctors in U.S. (Btw, get this — “The longest wait time was in Boston at 72 days and the shortest is in Dallas with 10 days.” Boston, you might remember, is the hometown for Romneycare.)

Yes, There Will Be A Doctor Shortage

Four Ways Obamacare Hurts Millennials

Ten principles of a market-oriented health care system

(This has to be one of my favorite headlines.) Taxpayers Covering Insurance Companies’ Losses

How Obamacare Hurts The Poor: Encouraging dependence and discouraging work