How the Left Responds to Defeat

Here is Steve Deace attempting to teach the political right how the information war works — at least from the left’s vantage point:

Give these devils their due. They never take their foot off the gas. Just last summer they got the U.S. Supreme Court to cave and endorse this fraudulent hijacking of a civil rights movement, so forgive me if I’m not quite ready to believe that what happened in Houston marks the turning of the tide.

In fact, I have evidence to the contrary. Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, had people talking boycott of the city’s 2017 Super Bowl – just as happened earlier this year in Indianapolis following controversy over religious freedom legislation. Just think about that for a second. One of the greatest economic boons any city could hope to have is a worthy hostage for those who believe Bruce Jenner is somehow Rosa Parks.

When people fall into deep perversion and exchange reason for madness, there is nothing righteous and pure they will not seek to destroy. This is the unruly crowd outside of Lot’s house the night before the sulfur fell.

The lesson: If at first your lies don’t succeed, lie harder next time. So Ted Trautman’s 2014 story at Hot Air, titled “Sex-segregated public restrooms are an outdated relic of Victorian paternalism,” becomes last week’s “Hate Trumped Fairness” editorial in the New York Times. Which screeched that “Sometime in the near future, a transgender teenager in Texas will attempt suicide — and maybe succeed — because vilifying people for their gender identity remains politically acceptable in America.”

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