How to win elections and influence turnout

Tomorrow is August—so time is running out on U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald—he only has a little more than three months left to win this campaign for Topinka and Birkett.

Speaking of poor strategic decisions on the part of Republicans—as our friends at Protect Marriage Illinois fight to get the referendum on the ballot, it’s interesting to learn what the national Democrats are doing regarding the marriage issue.

The Focus on the Family website recently reported that the Democratic National Committee developed a five-point plan to fight ballot initiatives. According to the plan, Democrats would:

  • “Label marriage amendments as “divisive ploys by Republicans” undertaken “to deflect voter attention from other important issues.”
  • Train party operatives in all 50 states on how to campaign against marriage-protection ballot measures.
  • Develop strategy and talking points.
  • Work with campaign organizations fighting ballot measures.
  • Empower and organize homosexual communities nationwide, through the auspices of DNC’s gay-outreach efforts.”

In addition, the publication reported the DNC also contributed money – to the tune of $10,000—to opponents of a proposed initiative in Illinois.

Democrats understand the issue—especially how it brings out voters favorably inclined to Republican causes.

Coincidentally, Illinois Republicans desperately need to find reasons for friendly voters to come out to the polls. Along comes the marriage issue. And as a big league fast pitch is seen by a little leaguer, the issue sailed right by them.

We’ll soon know if the initiative will be on the ballot in Illinois. If it isn’t, we’ll know why. As we reported, our state Republican Party was AWOL when it came time to circulate petitions.