‘I fear my kids might decide to go along to get along’

One of the goals of both the corrupt political left and corrupt Republican Party establishment types is to make participating in the arena so unpleasant that good people then prefer to stay out of it. Last month Red State’s Erick Erickson addressed this issue in a post titled, “My Fear.” Here’s an excerpt:

Let me tell you what I do fear.

I fear that because of these people, their hatred for me, and the world’s hatred for God Almighty, that my children might decide it is a far better path through life to find an accommodation with the world than have the world hate them because of either of their Fathers — the one here or the one in Heaven.

I fear my kids might decide to go along to get along. The Bible says, and history bears it out, that the world hates those of God because the world hates God. I fear my children, though, may decide they love the world more than God because it is easier to get through this world doing that.

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