I Just Can’t Take All This Tolerance

From Bill Muehlenberg:

Tolerance used to mean respecting a person and their right to speak, even if you strongly disagreed with what they had to say. Now it is the demand that we must embrace, accept and endorse not only every opinion, but every lifestyle, every ideology and every action going around.

If we don’t, we are said to be hate-filled and intolerant. Well, as I have demonstrated countless times now, there certainly is plenty of intolerance and hatred out there – but it sure ain’t coming from our side. It is all coming from the militants and hatchet men of the secular left.

In the past two days I have penned two articles documenting six cases of such tolerance, and now, for a third day running, we find yet three more clear cut examples of what the ‘peace and love’ brigade are up to. They are on a crusade, and their push for tolerance will be the end of all of us sooner or later.

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