I Spent the Summer Reading About Socialism—and It’s Even More Disturbing than I Thought

This is not a bad way for some Lefties to spend a summer as well. For much more on this topic, click here. This is Justin Haskins writing at Townhall:

In the spring, a European socialist party challenged me to take the time to read “what socialists really believe” about collectivism, instead of relying on what many socialists claim are mischaracterizations of the teachings of people like Karl Marx. At first, I was skeptical, but after careful consideration, I decided to spend my summer immersing myself in socialist articles and books.

After three long months of reading, thinking, and writing (but not publishing) about socialism, I found myself endlessly fascinated and horrified by what socialists believe about economics and society. In fact, I was so interested (and concerned) by what I found that I joined together with a team of other pro-liberty people to create StoppingSocialism.com and a new book, “Socialism Is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream.”

Here are just some of the interesting things I learned:

1. Many forms of socialism are virtually identical to communism.

Many people often speak about communism as though it’s a completely separate ideology from socialism, but the truth is in many nineteenth century writings, communism is treated as a school of socialist thinking, not as a separate, more radical system. In fact, you’ll find most of the ideological positions of the modern socialist parties of Europe and the Americas are basically indistinguishable from what Marx called “communism,” and many socialist parties openly admit it. For instance, the Socialist Party of Great Britain states, “As far as we are concerned, socialism and communism are exact synonyms, alternative names to describe the future society we wish to see established and defined in our Object.”

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Image credit: www.townhall.com.