If Antonio Gramsci Had A Grandson, He’d Look Like Barack Obama: The Cultural Marxist In The White House

By Don Feder

Where will the human WMD in the White House do the most damage – the economy or national security?

Since Obama became president, 27 million jobs bit the dust. The labor-force participation rate (the percentage of available workers who are actually working) is the lowest in 36 years.

The National Council of La Raza’s favorite gringo doesn’t know or care how many thousands of “Dreamers” streaming across our border each month have communicable diseases or are criminals or terrorists traveling incognito. He’s given up even the pretense of trying to control the border. It’s all Congress’s fault anyway for not passing a comprehensive amnesty – which will work as well at keeping out illegals as dousing a fire with gasoline.

Elsewhere on the national security front, large areas of the Middle East are being ceded to the Taliban, ISIS and other divisions of Allah’s army. Under Obama, America has become the 90-lb weakling on the beach, rubbing his eyes to get the sand out. The only place where the United States acts decisively is pressuring Israel to turn over as much territory as possible to Hamas – which will further destabilize the region.

The foregoing leaves our future very much in doubt. But economic recoveries happen all the time. America survived the Great Depression and flourished after World War II. We were losing the Cold War with Carter and won it with Reagan. But once the culture is lost, we’re stranded in no man’s land without a compass or canteen.

More than an income-redistributionist, an ideologue who believes borders are mean-spirited, or a connoisseur of Muslim prayer-calls, Barack Obama is a Cultural Marxist – an expression that always draws snickers from the establishment media. And yet nothing better describes the left’s corruption of Western culture and the coming collapse of civilization.

The doctrine was formulated by the European left after World War I. Frustrated by the failure of communism to go global after the Bolshevik revolution, Marxists like Antonio Gramsci and Georg Lukacs argued that family and faith gave workers a “false class consciousness” – made them act all bourgeois. To usher in the workers paradise, both would have to be destroyed.

Gramsci and those who followed in his footsteps – the Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse (the father of political correctness) and Saul Alinsky (Obama’s inspiration) among them – understood that culture drives politics. Control the culture, and everything else falls into place.

Commissar of education in the short-lived Hungarian Soviet, Lukacs declared: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…. Such worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

New Left icon Marcuse told his followers: “One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution, since the process is directed toward the whole cultural establishment, including the morality of existing society.”

Cultural Marxists strive to replace Judeo-Christian morality with sexual license (sex divorced from values), the influence of faith on society with the marginalization of religion, and the family with isolated individuals who have as few ties as possible to past, present and future – the imperial self, unencumbered by tradition, a fixed moral code or family obligations.

While he didn’t start us on this road – the journey was well underway before his birth – Obama has worked overtime to makes Gramsci’s vision a reality.

When Obama told a campaign rally just before the 2008 election that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” he wasn’t talking about redecorating the Lincoln Bedroom.

• “One of the remaining human rights challenges of our times” – (then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the United Nations, on mainstreaming homosexuality) Obama’s commitment to the LGBT agenda earned him the honorific “America’s first gay president” from Newsweek, in a 2012 cover story. The White House issues regular reports on the administration’s “ongoing efforts to protect and promote the human rights of” blah, blah, blah and blah “people globally.” This includes hosting the first Global Forum on LGBT/Human Rights, Secretary of State Kerry appointing five openly homosexual ambassadors, and US embassies flying the rainbow flag for pride month. In his remarks to the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Attorney General Eric Holder called the Boy Scouts’ refusal to have scout masters who are sexually attracted to adolescent boys, “a relic of an age of prejudice” (the era of Judeo-Christian morality). Earlier this year, Obama’s UN team even tried to replace pro-family language in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which recognizes the traditional family as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society”) with one that claims the family “expresses diversity of individual preferences.” Next Obama will try to repeal the laws of nature (which, admittedly, are discriminatory) by executive order.

• How proud Mr. and Mrs. Fluke must be of sexually active Sandra – The administration is going bonkers over the SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby case. Imagine those five benighted old men saying a family-owned business with deep religious convictions didn’t have to provide contraceptives (including abortifacients) through their health insurance plan? You’d think the First Amendment had a free-exercise clause, or something. The White House is frantically looking for a way around this. When Sandra Fluke told a Congressional committee that Catholic Georgetown University was denying her human right to free contraceptives – and Rush Limbaugh called her a bad name – Obama rang the plucky miss to ask if she was okay. (It must have been truly traumatic for her.) The president then told Fluke to tell her parents that they should be proud of her – for asserting her right to make others facilitate her fornication. For Cultural Marxists, promoting sex outside marriage is an important part of deconstructing society.

• He’s got their back – Last year, Obama became the first president to address Planned Parenthood’s annual convention. After warning of the wicked reactionaries who want to “turn back the clock” to an era when human rights extended to the womb, he pledged, “You’ve also got a president who’s going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way.” They’d better believe it. The president’s commitment to abortion-on-demand is so extreme that, as an Illinois state senator voting against a born-alive bill, he described a child who survived an abortion as a “fetus… now outside the mother’s womb.” On his first day in office, he repealed the Mexico City Policy (which bars US aid to NGOs that perform or promote abortions) and restored money for the UN Population Fund, which underwrites forced-abortions in China. (Chinese women don’t get to choose what happens to their bodies). He refused to okay the 2011 budget deal if one penny was cut from Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding. African Americans are 13% of our nation’s population, but account for 30% of all abortions. Planned Parenthood encourages this genocide by locating most of its clinics in minority neighborhoods. This is the only place where the president is totally unconcerned about race.

• “His policies have become increasingly more hostile toward Christian civilization” – That’s the way Cardinal Raymond Burke (head of the highest court in the Vatican) described the leader of the party that tried to take God out of its national platform. The Cardinal further observed that Obama “appears to be a totally secularized man who aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policies.” Franklin Graham said the president and AG clone have “turned their backs on God and His standards.” For Obama, gay rights is a two-pronged attack – by making “sexual ethics” the ultimate oxymoron, and giving the left another excuse to persecute Christians (a Colorado baker here, a New Mexico photographer there). In 2012, 62% of those who attend church occasionally or never voted for the “totally secularized man,” while 59% of Americans who attend services weekly voted for Romney. According to Pew Research, in the past 5 years alone, the “religiously unaffiliated” went from just over 15% to just under 20% of the total population. Obama’s war on religion pays unexpected dividends.

As the culture goes, so goes the nation. In 2009, 41% of births in the U.S. were out of wedlock. In 1960, 72% of all US adults were married. By 2008, it was just over half. For those in their prime childbearing years, the marriage rate declined even more dramatically – from 59% in 1960 to just 20% today. For the first time since we began keeping these statistics in the 1920s, America’s birth rate is now below replacement.

Except for racial minorities, single women are the Democratic Party’s most reliable constituency. Since 2000, their numbers increased from 45 million to 56 million. In 2012, two-thirds of them voted for Obama, against 52% of all voters. Big brother is a surrogate spouse for single women. With their war on marriage and the family, Democrats are expanding their base while advancing their agenda.

In Obama’s America, sex is divorced from both values and consequences. (If Cultural Marxism was a religion – which, come to think of it, it is – abortion and contraception would be its sacraments.) Respect for alternative lifestyles is mandatory. Marriage is a free-form institution, which “expresses the diversity of individual preferences.” Adhering to Judeo-Christian ethics is punished by hefty fines and sensitivity training.

Willi Munzenberg, a founder of the Frankfurt School, said of Cultural Marxists, “We are going to make the West so corrupt it stinks.” Now you understand the source of the odor that emanates from the White House.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

First published at GrassTopsUSA