If social conservatives want to know Mitt Romney, they should ask Mass Resistance

From MassResistance.org:

Campaigning in Iowa, Mitt Romney publicly re-states his pro-homosexual positions on military, judges, and more.

An unsettling glimpse into a Romney Administration . . .

As the campaigning for the Iowa caucuses on January 3 heats up, Mitt Romney has publicly — and rather shockingly — restated his support for many of the homosexual movement’s goals. These recent statements, while fairly shocking, certainly square with his actions as Governor of Massachusetts, which we have documented. They differ sharply from the hardcore “social conservative” façade he presented when he ran for president in 2008. He did his best to disguise his radical viewpoint and record on “sexual orientation” then.

But Romney was candid about his pro-gay positions during the national televised candidates’ debate in Iowa on Thursday, Dec. 15 and also during a newspaper editorial board meeting on Dec. 9. He said he always opposed “discriminating against people based upon their sexual orientation.”

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By the way – any time anyone says they oppose “discriminating against people based upon their sexual orientation,” they’re also saying they oppose the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment to the Constitution includes protection of our God-given right to religious liberty. And in case you didn’t know it, sex isn’t a religion. The advance of amoral “homosexual rights” is incompatible with our free exercise of religion.