If The GOP’s Business Wing Wants Low Taxes, They’d Better Stop Sabotaging Social Conservatives

Nathanael Blake has some good advice for the GOP’s business wing:

A political alliance will not hold if one faction insists on its priorities while working against its partners. When was the last time the economic side of the GOP backed up the rest of us?

The Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican Party needs to stop stabbing the rest of us in the back. To take the latest example from here in flyover country, Missouri GOP megadonor David Humphreys tried to scuttle our state’s new abortion restrictions. Humphreys, who has been a GOP kingmaker in this state, waited until the last minute, then launched a pressure campaign urging Gov. Mike Parson to kill the bill.

Thankfully, Parson stood firm and signed the legislation, which Missouri Republicans strongly support. Humphreys and his cronies may have the cash, and he’s threatened to finance a ballot initiative to overturn our new law, but pro-life conservatives have the votes in Missouri—and nationwide. Regulatory reform and lowering the tax rate on capital gains do not bring GOP voters to the polls; protecting babies does.

For example, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce boasts that its “diversity working group” “Played a key role in successfully opposing the passage of a RFRA [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] law in West Virginia.” In Texas and elsewhere, business Republicans have fought against bills that protect privacy rights by keeping males out of women’s spaces, and big business has applied enormous economic pressure to force girls to share showers, locker rooms, and other private spaces with males.

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Image credit: www.thefederalist.com.