Mitt Romney vs. Family Values

If you like the Illinois GOP, you’ll love Mitt Romney, Part 5.

Illinois faces the threat of homosexual “marriage” being enacted because the Republican Party here is dominated by people who do not support the GOP Platform when it comes to the economic or social issues. It’s no wonder much of the GOP establishment here supports Mitt Romney – who, as governor, supported radical homosexual programs targeting children in Massachusetts.

If you can’t handle the truth about this – you had better avoid Amy Contrada’s 640 page fully footnoted book that details Mitt Romney’s record. It’s not a pretty story. Click here for more information about it: “Mitt Romney’s Deception: His Stealth Promotion of ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts.”

Has Mitt Romney confessed his policy sins when it comes to his record? Nope. No doubt you’ve heard him defend Romneycare. Well, when it comes to his record on the social issues all you hear from him are lies and disassembling.

Amy Contrada has taken sections of her book and made them available in e-book form. Below is information and links to the work she’s titled “Romney vs. Family Values: The Romney Administration’s Radical Homosexual Programs Targeting Children in Massachusetts.”

Again, if you can’t handle the truth, it’s best you stop reading now.

BOOK DETAIL – Romney vs. Family Values:

This is an excerpt from my 2011 print edition, “MITT ROMNEY’S DECEPTION: His Stealth Promotion of ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts” (available at Amazon). Only a few minor changes have been made from that edition.

Included here are parts of Chapter III and the entirety of Chapter IV, documenting Governor Romney’s pro-homosexual (and pro-transgender) programs which directly impacted children and youth.

This Kindle edition includes over 330 detailed endnotes with live links, and over 90 color photos.

This is not only about Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2006). It is a history of radical GLBT activists’ infiltration of our government agencies and school systems.

Massachusetts has been the incubator for harmful sexual-radical programs directed at children. It was, after all, through the Governor’s Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth that Kevin Jennings (GLSEN founder, “Fistgate” maestro, and Obama “Safe Schools Czar”) got his start in the early 1990s. It was, in fact, Jennings’ then “partner” who designed the Massachusetts DOE’s “Safe Schools” programs. The goal of these programs is to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism for children of all ages, while demonizing traditional values and denigrating parental authority. This Massachusetts history is seminal.

As for Mitt Romney’s role: This is a case study of an unprincipled politician pandering to a wealthy and powerful special interest. The ambitious Governor was in reality an enabler of sexual radicals whose goal is the destruction of traditional family values. Yet, Romney claims to believe in traditional marriage and every child needing a home with a father and a mother.

Romney recently strongly reaffirmed his support for “gay rights” in all areas except marriage. This implies that if he is elected President, we can expect to see harmful programs such as these pushed at the federal level.

Mitt Romney’s record is not one conservatives can support.

Romney vs. Family Values – CONTENTS:

CHAPTER III – What He Did: Romney’s Pro-Gay-Rights Record as Governor
Actions and Inaction on Homosexual and Transgender Rights
Pro-Homosexual and Pro-Transgender Actions by Romney’s Department of Public Health
– Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century
– Shocking posters promoted transgender and homosexual “health”
– Birth certificates for children with same-sex “parents”
Pro-Homosexual and Pro-Transgender Actions by Romney’s Department of Social Services
– Homosexual couple named “Parents of the Year” in 2006
– Support for “GLBT Youth”: Indoctrinating 1,800+ adoption and foster care employees
Governor Romney, Catholic Charities, and Adoption by Homosexuals
– How the story is usually told
– Romney falsely claimed the law required Catholic Charities to place children with homosexual couples
– Romney’s phony religious liberty bill

CHAPTER IV – The Romney Administration’s Promotion of the Homosexual and Transgender Agenda in Massachusetts Schools
Romney never challenged but supported GLBT “Safe Schools” indoctrination in his agencies and Mass. public schools
Romney gave public support to his Governor’s Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth and Youth Pride
Questionable adults
Pro-Family leaders met with Romney’s top aide over concerns about the Governor’s Commission and Youth Pride event
What the Governor’s Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth had planned for Youth Pride 2006
Three radical groups working with Romney’s DOE, DPH, and Youth Commission
Romney’s huge flip-flop: To disband – or not to disband – his Governor’s Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth
Romney speaks against the homosexual agenda in the schools as he runs for President
What Romney inherited and accepted
Romney’s continued support for DOE’s GLBT programs
“Safe Schools” program in two Mass. school systems
Romney funded GLBT “Safe Schools” programs – until MassResistance and Presidential ambitions interceded
Romney failed to enforce Mass. Parents’ Rights law (on sex ed and “human sexuality issues” in schools)
Romney was AWOL on strengthened parents’ rights bills and Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed/homosexual indoctrination bill

In other words, if you like the Illinois GOP, you’ll really love Mitt Romney!