If You’re a ‘Social Liberal,’ You’re a Liberal

I didn’t transfer the many embedded links from Trevor Grant Thomas’ article that I’ve excerpted here so be sure to click over and read the entire piece at American Thinker:

As liberalism continues to promote bondage of one form or another — financial, sexual, and so on — and as liberals continue to wage war on the truth to the point that a seemingly never-ending number of Americans are living in a world where children in the womb aren’t really human, where humans with a penis and the Y-chromosome aren’t really men,where white is black, where marriage is not the union of one man and one woman, where student loans don’t have to be repaid, and where blizzards are evidence for global warming, it is becoming more important than ever that conservatives be able to distinguish themselves clearly from such nonsense.

“[S]ocially liberal” almost always implies issues that reside within the sexual realm. Thus, as I’ve noted before, “social issues” is a bit of a misnomer. We’re really talking about “moral issues.” Those who want to focus on government spending, job creation, or other conservative fiscal policies often fail to realize that the morality that tells us that “It is no act of charity to be generous with someone else’s money,” is the same morality that tells us that it is wrong to kill a child in the womb, and that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Thus, in spite of all the science and the sound morality that reveal otherwise, if you’ll cave when it comes to the life of the most helpless among us — a child in the womb — and if you’ll cave on the oldest institution in the history of humanity, the institution at the foundation of every culture that has ever existed, the real question is, how can you be trusted on any issue? In other words, if you are a liberal on the most important moral issues of our time, then you are not a conservative.

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