IFA-PAC: Your Chance to Fight Back and Make Your Voice Heard

From David E. Smith on behalf of IFA-PAC:

Pro-family Illinoisans haven’t had much in the way of good news over the past few years, and now that Governor Rauner has signed yet another radical left-wing Democratic-supported bill (HB 40, taxpayer funding of abortion), it is easy to get discouraged.

With the signing of that bill, however, conservatives have broken ranks with the Republican governor. Considering Rauner’s wealth, and his history of spending it in campaigns against his opponents, this revolt by conservatives means we have entered a new era in Illinois politics. (Read more HERE.)

All signs point to Rauner having a primary challenge.

Illinois Family Action is a 501c4 non-profit political advocacy and lobbying organization that is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena.

But we cannot do it without your financial support.

The IFA team is thrilled and encouraged to hear key conservative legislators speaking up more forcefully than they have in many years. (Read more HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Petitions are currently circulating for candidates seeking to be on next spring’s ballot – so the battle is underway to elect more men and women who will stand for the right policies and stand against legislation that promotes the cultural decline in our state.

Thanks to Governor Rauner and his fellow Democrats (I know, I know,  he calls himself a Republican), we now have gender-confused men and women legally falsifying their sex on birth certificates; government school districts debating whether to allow biological boys to shower with girls; and taxpayers forced to fund abortions.

This does not mean the fight has been lost! But it does mean that the importance of Illinois Family Action’s role in the public square is increasing.

Never has IFA’s work to defend and fortify the traditional foundations of civil society been more critical. With your financial support, we can reach more of our fellow Illinoisans plus educate, inform and influence elected officials.

And it looks like some courageous conservative candidates are going to step up their efforts to do the same.  We must engage in this political battle.

The economic challenges we face in Illinois are among the biggest in the nation. Eventually, as the saying goes, something will have to give – the state is functionally bankrupt and massive cuts and reforms will be the only solutions.

Similarly, the cultural challenges mount. But with the election of an out-spoken pro-life U.S. president last year, it cannot be argued that all is lost.

Can conservatives win in Illinois? Yes.

The Republicans picked up six seats in the Illinois General Assembly in 2016 – which is no small feat in a presidential election year. Many people are working to increase the number of conservative candidates for the 2018 elections — which starts with the March 20th Primary .

Unfortunately, it all takes money.

And if Governor Rauner decides to use his wallet to punish those conservative legislators that spoke out forcefully against him when he signed HB 40, it is going to take a lot of money.

While pro-family forces will probably not be able to match Rauner’s tens of millions of dollars, with sufficient funding, we like our chances in this David versus Goliath battle.  That’s why I’m encouraging you to make a donation right now to the IFA-pac (political action committee) before you go on to your next email.

Keep in mind that no matter what size gift you give today – whether $25, $50 or even $1000 – it will be used to support conservative pro-life/pro-family candidates for state and local office. With your help, we will be able to help support candidates who will defend the values we cherish.

We fight the battles that you don’t have time to fight. As you work to provide for your family, we man the front lines.

The resources we raise for Illinois Family Institute cannot be used for political activities and cannot be used to directly support candidates. Therefore, we must raise funds separately for these specific efforts, which will in turn help us better accomplish IFI’s goals.

Please consider donating to IFA-pac to enable our more direct participation in political activities and, therefore, create a strong and effective voice for pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family decisions in the Land of Lincoln.

Donate to IFA-pac:

Thank you so much!

David E. Smith
Illinois Family Action