IFI Spotlight: No Off Season and a Post-Election Debrief

It was my pleasure again to join the Illinois Family Institute’s Dave Smith and Monte Larrick to discuss politics and elections — pro-life activist Ralph Rivera joins the conversation in the second of the two podcasts. Here are IFI’s introductions:

No Offseason (Illinois Family Spotlight #014)

Turning from the November election, Monte Larrick, Dave Smith, and John Biver look ahead to the upcoming consolidated election, as deadlines for running for local elected positions draw near. The three discuss the need for good local candidates, how to get start getting involved, and what to expect working from these positions. Read more here.

* * * * *

Debrief: 2016 Election (Illinois Family Spotlight #015)

IFS recaps the recent election, discussing how pro-family issues may be effected with our newly elected leaders. Will our new president actually be pro-life? Can Roe v. Wade be overturned? Is the Illinois legislature growing more conservative? Monte, Dave, John Biver, and Ralph Rivera (Illinois Citizens for Life) answer these questions and more.