Illegal immigration as an actual ideology

By Monica Showalter:

The virulence and inflexibility of illegal immigration activists and their Democratic Party allies, as well as their refusal to answer the simple question of whether the U.S. should have any borders or say-so on who gets into the country, does come across as an…ideology.

This is why a seminal essay on the matter by Victor Davis Hanson, who is close to ground zero of what illegal immigration actually means in Central California, is so well worth reading.

Hanson shows the scope in his opener:

Illegal immigration has become so deeply embedded for so long within contemporary power politics, demography, and cultural change, so charged with accusations of racism, nativism, and xenophobia, that we have forgotten its intrinsic contradictions.

We saw a glimpse of reality with the recent “caravan” of Central Americans. With a strong wink and nod from their Mexican hosts, the travelers assumed an intrinsic right to march northward into the United States. Had they done so, they would have confirmed the impression, advanced during the last administration, that the border is porous and that a sovereign United States and its citizenry have scant legal right to secure it.

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