Illinois conservatives — what are you willing to do?

There are seventeen days left for you to make an impact on the upcoming elections. Yes, you. The candidates are going to do what they can depending upon the resources they have and the amount of money they’ll gather in during the next couple of weeks. From my vantage point, most of the good guys still are underfunded – and funding is required to reach voters.

But if a few thousand conservatives across the state get serious about doing everything they can to spread the word about their preferred candidates in this primary election, tens of thousands of voters – possibly hundreds of thousands – could benefit from that extra information.

We’re not going to see policy reform unless we see political reform. We’re not going to see political reform unless more conservatives stop imitating liberals by –

  • waiting for someone else to educate your kids via the public schools;
  • waiting for someone else to pay for your retirement through social security or some other taxpayer funded pension system;
  • waiting for someone else to take care of all of your health care bills – either Medicaid, Medicare, or through some other third party payer.

Another mistake is to wait for someone else to govern your city, state, nation, or participate in politics so you don’t have to bother.

SurgeUSA’s Bruce Donnelly likes to ask those who are worried about the future of their country, “What are you willing to do?” Donnelly’s website has suggestions, and I recently ran a series highlighting SurgeUSA’s great content: – a fantastic resource for all conservatives and the necessary political Counterinsurgency You no longer have an excuse to sit on the sidelines

This is a battle for the future of the country, and as with all wars, sacrifice is necessary. People can’t shy away from the discomfort that comes with waging political war.

Have you contributed online to the candidates you support? Are you sending out emails to friends and family members touting your recommendations? Are you willing to hang flyers on doors in your neighborhood or perhaps absorb the cost of mailing those flyers? I know of no well-run campaign right now that wouldn’t love to see more volunteers walk in the campaign office door. Have you written letters to the newspapers?

Pat Hughes running for the U.S. Senate needs your help to stop Mark Kirk. Jim Dodge running for Comptroller needs to have more people learn that he’s the best candidate by far in that contest. With a little homework you can learn about the others who will be on your ballot. They need you to help spread the word.

It’s all hands on deck. Your help will be needed if the good guys are going to win.