The Illinois Economic Mess: A Few Headlines

Here are just 5 of the articles linked in a recent email from the Illinois Policy Institute:

Number of Six-Figure Chicago Pensioners has Tripled in Last 4 Years — More government workers are taking home massive yearly pension payments as Chicagoans are battered by tax hikes.

Some Workers are More Equal Than Others — From 2005 to 2014, AFSCME worker salaries grew 5 times faster than Illinois workers’ earnings.

Illinois’ Out-Migration Rate Many Times Worse Than Rates in Surrounding States — The Land of Lincoln’s out-migration crisis is the most severe in the region and worsening over time.

Despite Budget Impasse, State Government, Health Care and Social Services Employment Grow — Government jobs growth continues while Illinois’ private sector suffers from burdensome taxes and regulations.

Illinois Death Tax Hits Family Farms Where it Hurts — Illinois’ estate tax only generates about $300 million in revenue, while potentially costing the state more than $1.5 billion in annual GDP growth.