Illinois GOP Chair Must Step Up for President Trump or Step Down

Here is Doug Ibendahl writing at Republican News Watch — and he’s right, the GOP chairman should step down if he doesn’t recognize the opportunity that President Donald Trump has provided Illinois Republicans.

The Illinois Republican Party held its reorganizational meeting on Saturday in downstate Springfield. Every four years after the 18 members of the state central committee are picked around the state, that committee convenes to choose the state party chairman.

Apart from some minor deckchair rearranging on Saturday, the status-quo prevailed.

Governor Bruce Rauner’s hand-picked state party chairman Tim Schneider was unanimously rewarded with another 4-year term as chair by the state central committee.

Schneider must have looked around the room and saw no Chicago press amongst the small choir of Republicans, because near the end of the meeting he actually had a few kind words for President Trump.

The local Springfield paper was the only outlet I saw which reported his short remarks on that score.

This is noteworthy because I live in Cook County, same as Schneider, and not once have I ever heard Schneider stand-up for our President in Chicago media. Schneider has a unique platform as party chairman. If he had the desire, he could easily get in Chicago radio, television, and newspaper coverage pretty much any time he chose, just by virtue of the big title he holds.

And you won’t be surprised to hear that our President gets hammered constantly on Chicago radio and television, and in the two daily newspapers which are both viciously anti-Trump.

But safely ensconced in a room with only Republicans, 200 miles away from Chicago, Chairman Schneider managed to voice exactly one sentence in support of our President. We’re all supposed to rejoice.

Preaching to the choir at a small GOP meeting is easy. Taking the message to the unconverted is not so easy, but that’s the duty you sign-on for if you say you want a party title.

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