The Illinois Race for Governor: Cultural Marxism Will Crush Fiscal Conservatism

Let’s pick up where we left off last time: Economic conservatives supporting Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner need to realize that his Cultural Marxism will crush their fiscal conservatism.

Many of you think that getting our fiscal house in order should be the only priority. Unfortunately for you, that fiscal house is loaded with flawed human beings, and those flawed humans are greatly impacted in a negative fashion by the increasingly rotten culture around them. That is why we must push back against Cultural Marxism if we hope to once again have a nation of people willing to control an out-of-control government.

“Morality isn’t the purview of government,” you say. Well, setting aside the colossal ignorance of the statement (all legislation is a reflection of someone’s morality), here’s the problem: crazy radical lefties disagree with you. In case you missed it, for many decades liberals and “progressives” have been using legislation and the courts to establish their religion in the United States to the point where our First Freedom is at risk.

Few are probably familiar with the fact that liberalism is a religion being imposed by government. Fewer still know what our “First Freedom” is. The Founding Fathers understood that without religious liberty you can kiss your property rights bye bye. As property rights diminish, so do the chances for a healthy and growing economy.

It is embarrassing that economic-issues-only Republicans see themselves as enlightened. It is profoundly ignorant to be unaware that a Judeo-Christian ethic is the indispensable foundation for limited government and economic prosperity.

Fiscal-issues-only Republicans think that there’s no need to worry because social issue lefties, that is, Cultural Marxists, will be satisfied with destroying marriage and completely drenching society in amoral depravity. Cultural Marxists, they believe, can be won over to supporting limited government. Here is some really bad news for those fiscal-only conservatives: the goal of the Cultural Marxists, as we discussed last time, is to destroy the foundations so they can bring about their social justice/egalitarian/socialist utopia.

Guess where the money will come from to fund it: you. Guess how the money will be transferred: through an even bigger government than we have now. And guess what happens to your God-given liberties: the Bill of Rights will become as dead a letter as the rest of the U.S. Constitution.

Oh, but the kids don’t care about marriage so the GOP shouldn’t either, you say. Yes, the very kids who are the product of mindless and virtue-less pop culture and public schools that long ago stopped teaching the most basic elements that went into producing Western Civilization. That’s what you want? Uneducated children writing the Party’s platform?

Economic-issues-only Republicans need to turn off the TV sitcoms and do some reading. They need to get over their fear of peer pressure and learn what it is we’re actually talking about when we discuss marriage and life and culture. It’s not progress to roll back our country’s gains that were only made possible by Judeo-Christian morality.

If Bruce Rauner gets elected governor the Cultural Marxists will have won an important victory in their effort to fundamentally transform the United States of America. The Republican Party in the fifth largest state will be on their side — and the chances for real fiscal conservatism to win again will diminish further.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a few articles that can serve as introductory materials for economics-issues-only Republicans. They can be found here: On the Connection Between the Economic and Social Issues.

Let’s close this out next time with a review of politics 101: personnel makes all the difference.

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