UPDATED: Dispatches on the Illinois Race for Governor

Republican News Watch has been the website to follow the important news regarding the Republican nominee for governor, Bruce Rauner. Click here for RNW posts that mention Rauner’s name.

Also, I must link to must-read articles by BarbWire.com contributor Laurie Higgins:

Electoral Nose-Holding v. Sabotage

Responding to the Critics of My ‘Vote-for-Pat-Quinn’ Strategy

Bruce and Diana Rauner Poke Conservatives — Repeatedly

Responding to the Critics of My ‘Vote-for-Pat-Quinn’ Strategy

What Illinois Conservatives Should Learn from Frederick Douglass

Republican Revolution

Internecine Battle for Conservative Votes

Here are additional posts by Laurie Higgins in the “comments” sections following her articles — in over twenty-five years of participation in politics I’ve never read a stronger and clearer case outlining why we need to preserve the intellectual integrity of the Republican Party (in other words, these posts by Higgins are also a must-read):

Laurie Higgins Takes Republicans to School about Bruce Rauner — Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


BarbWire contributor and Illinois resident John Kirkwood has written several great articles on this election — here are three of them:

The One Issue Voter

Illinois’ Vichy Republicans: Tea Party Sell Out and Pro-Life Surrender

Rauner and Kirk’s GOP(P)

Here is my series of Dispatches on the race as posted here and at BarbWire.com:

First, Do No Harm

Things Will Get Worse No Matter Who Wins

We’ve Seen This Play Before

Answering Critics and Rauner on Education

The State Could Be Purple in a Cycle and Red by 2020

Nursing Home Deaths and Lawsuit Settlements

The Illinois Race for Governor and Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism Will Crush Fiscal Conservatism

Bruce Rauner and the Destruction of the Illinois Republican Party

Rauner Win in Illinois has Nothing in Common with GOP Victories Around the Country