I’m so glad that Pat Quinn cares about transgendered issues

In the 1970s the late Mike Royko used to call California Governor Jerry Brown “Governor Moonbeam” in his newspaper column. Pat Quinn is clearly our “Governor Moonbeam.” Like Brown, Quinn has always seemed to be out in his own orbit. Quinn has also been a perennial candidate like Brown – and it’s probably an appropriate coincidence that both men are currently their state party’s nominee for governor.

Curiosity caused me to take a look at Pat Quinn’s website to learn whether he addressed the state employee’s pension system deficit. I couldn’t find anything readily so I did a search of the site using Google and only one facet of the problem was covered. That was his much-touted but very unserious pension “reform” which did nothing to address the current deficit. Instead, the new law only dealt with new hires:

“Effective, Jan. 1, 2011, new state employees – including teachers and other school employees, university teachers and staff, lawmakers and judges –  will receive a different pension than current or retired state employees. State employees will have to work until they are 67 to receive full benefits under the new plan and their overall pension compensation will be less.”

For a problem as big as the state employee pension system funding is, I expected to find at least a little more on the topic. It could be that like the subject of tax increases, the Quinn folks decided to skip the pension issue for now.

One of the news items of the day on the Quinn campaign site was the Illinois Education Association’s endorsement. Regular readers of this website already know what I think of the IEA.

It’s also no surprise to learn, by the way, that the IEA is also endorsing Republican Judy Baar Topinka. Judy better hope that most conservative voters don’t find out about that endorsement.

Here are the subheadings on Quinn’s issues page (with their links):

Women’s Issues

Jobs and Growth

Veterans and Military Families

Health Care

Ethics and Reform

Environment and Green Energy


LGBT Issues

If you click through them they read just like you’d expect from someone who has no concept of the limits of government. Quinn has big plans to “invest” in a lot of things – and do you know where he expects to get the money for all those good works? Of course, it’s from your pocket.

Whether or not you are a member of the church of big state government, Quinn will pass the collection plate to you and require you to hand over more of your money so he can decide how to spend it.

Note that last heading on that list: LGBT Issues. We all know those people sure do have issues. The chief problem of the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered” “community” is their desire to politicize their sexual predilections. Instead of growing up and handling their sex “issues” on their own, they seek to make a political matter out of what should be kept private. I don’t ask and don’t want you to tell.

You would think this state would have enough to deal with without a candidate for governor feeling the need to express his concern in this area. I’m not sure what Quinn can really do, anyway, to help men who want to dress in women’s clothes – or for men who think they’re a woman trapped in a man’s body. As I wrote a while back, Quinn, like Obama, needs to realize that Gender Identity Disorder is a mental illness.

Dear Mr. Quinn: No law will stop me from using my God-given ability to discriminate when it comes to people who are making a public issue out of something private. One blog post on Quinn’s site addressed the great time that was had by all at the recent homosexual “pride” parade.

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: When a majority of the adults in a society begin to treat sexual behavior as something to be celebrated much like a toddler does after being potty trained, it’s difficult to believe a whole host of other immature or odd behaviors won’t also eventually cry out for acceptance.

This state is in a fiscal meltdown. Jobs are fleeing the state. Our over-funded and bloated public K-12 school system is mediocre at best. But Pat Quinn wants to focus on issues that should be private, not public. He’s made it very easy to vote against his brand of unserious governance. Two years of our own Governor Moonbeam is more than enough.