Immigration, Economic Inequality, and ‘White Privilege’ Collide

Most normal Americans (unfortunately) pay little attention to the political dramas that arise weekly in America. If the average “white” person I know were to be hit with the recent popular subject of “white privilege,” I can tell you without a doubt that they would be taken aback and need a moment to digest the concept.

I use “white” inside quotation marks because Americans who have been assimilated into the great melting pot don’t think of themselves primarily as a member of an ethnic group. No, they don’t. They’re proud of their lineage, bloodline, and heritage, but once you “get” America you’re proud to be an American.

That’s all said to link you to a few very interesting articles that are related. First, a thought-provoking post at American Thinker by John Bennett titled, “America’s Never-Ending Shame: Importing Inequality.” Bennett includes a lot of information and links and it’s worth whatever time you have to give. Here’s an over-simplified summary of some of what he argues: The United States allows the immigration of too many low skill, poorly educated people who fail to assimilate, and then have a grievance against the “white people” they perceive to dominate the land and profit from the lowly status of others.

Members of the lower and middle class that I know (who happen to be “white”) don’t see themselves as privileged except as with an opportunity to better their lives. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune dominate, and hardship is not race conscious. Political liberals and the Democratic Party would have people believe that white people are insulated from the ups and downs of life and thus need to share with non-whites if there is to be “social justice.”

Political conservatives know that while most people have a lot of hurdles to clear, hard work, the right education and moral upbringing can do wonders. Upper and solidly middle class blacks, Hispanics, and other “minorities” rise or fall based on things that have nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Yet that fact is ignored when income inequality or so-called “white privilege” is discussed.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading (or at least skimming) a lot of articles that Bennett’s post seems to finally connect together. I’m just going to link them here — and anyone with the time and motivation can click around and make their own judgment. So much information flies around daily and weekly so that months are heavy-laden with almost more than you can process…unless, of course, you understand the basics. Those of us on the political right read so many things from Democrats and the political left and we can’t believe people fall for them. Yet they do. Because…yes, you know what I’m going to say…Republicans and conservatives aren’t properly fighting the information war.

Take in, if you dare, some of this material…and Godspeed to those who wish to then, to paraphrase Thomas Paine, undergo the fatigue of disseminating the truth.

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