Important List of Questions Regarding Paraphilias

These are serious and important questions — merely fill in the blanks with the paraphilia (or paraphilias) of the day:

  • How will society respond when ________ start loudly clamoring for their “rights”?
  • How will society respond to a future well-funded marriage “equality” effort for those in  ________ relationships?
  • If someone were to donate to an organization that prohibits hiring of ________ , will this donor be fired?
  • Will the expression of disapproval of  ________ be deemed bullying or hate speech?
  • How will schools respond to requests to start pro- ________ clubs to support students who experience  ________ feelings and who seek to come out of the  ________ closet?
  • Will therapies to help minors change their unwanted  ________ desires be banned?
  • Will “ ________ orientation” be added to enumerated anti-discrimination policies and laws?
  • Will we see prime time television programs and movies with lovable ________ -oriented characters?
  • Will  ________  journalists form professional journalism associations (such as this one) to exploit the Fourth Estate in the service of breaking down barriers and normalizing ________ ?
  • Will  ________ join “pride parades”? (Then again, anyone who has seen pictures of those events will have to assume a few are already in attendance.)
  • Will loud and proud  ________ “out” those who prefer to remain in the  ________ closet?
  • Should a person who is morally opposed to  ________ behavior be allowed to have a show on HGTV?
  • Will municipal employees who serve as part-time pastors be able to speak out about the morality of  ________ and still keep their jobs?
  • Will Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, want the prohibition of  ________ serving in the military to be reviewed, saying that “every qualified American who wants to serve our country should have an opportunity if they fit the qualifications and can do it”?
  • Will Nintendo bow to pressure and create a video game which includes  ________ in it?
  • Will Sun Trust Bank refuse to do business with anyone who speaks out against the morality of ________ ?
  • How soon will federal judges issue rulings saying that  ________ are no different than the rest of us and that any thought to the contrary should wind up on the ash heap of history?