Imposing ‘Gay Marriage’ Via the Courts v. The Will of the People

Earlier this month Phyllis Schlafly posted an article titled, “What Will the Court Do to Marriage?,” and in it was this important reminder:

The pro-gay media have tried to make gay marriage seem normal, saying it’s now “allowed in 37 states.” In fact, same-sex marriage was enacted by only 11 state legislatures, and only three of those laws were ratified by popular vote. In the other states, same-sex marriage was imposed by unelected judges — in some cases, by only a single judge whose decision was never upheld by a higher court.

Here’s an important fact from a LifeSiteNews post from not all that long ago:

Although thirty states have amended their constitutions to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, there are actually thirty-one states that have amended their constitutions in an effort to prevent same-sex “marriage.”

Yet another example of why it’s not good to get your news and information only from the liberal press.

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