Income Inequality: The Left’s Next Big Con

So the topic of “income inequality” is on the political left’s list of ways to confuse the already confused low information voters in 2014. The issue is easily explained (and exploded) by conservatives — as you can see from the myriad articles I’ve linked below. Anyone willing to set aside the cartoon fantasy they have about how economics works can learn rather quickly why this lie is like all the other lies of the left.

The problem is, however, that our side won’t reach enough of the uninformed and misinformed this year (like every year). And that’s what this website is dedicated to beating the drum on until more of our would-be “leaders” wake up to this information flow problem. I’m not just talking about our elected leaders — in fact, I’d argue that they’re going to be among the last people to get it. The more important leaders are big donors and those who run tea party patriot type groups and issue advocacy organizations of all shapes and sizes.

It’s not a lot to ask — to ask people to set aside their emotions and think when it comes to things like “income inequality.” Here are the promised links — consider it a Friday afternoon article dump. This is only a partial list of the materials that are available…material, like I said, that will only reach a tiny fraction of the audience it needs to.

They are in no particular order [the two most recent additions are up top]…enjoy.

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ADDED 1-19-14: The Idol of Equality: To put equality ahead of liberty is to war against human nature

ADDED 1-17-14: To Each According to His Delusions

Income Inequality: The Left’s Next Big Con

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