Increases in Education Spending Do Not Result in Higher Academic Performance

The only people left in America who don’t know this work in the schools. From the NCPA:

As discretionary spending cuts enter the fiscal cliff discussion, many have come out against slashing funds for education. The entire educational establishment, including powerful teacher unions, has lobbied to prevent cuts to education. Even President Obama has argued in favor of investing more in education, says Sally Lovejoy, an education expert at the American Action Forum.However, lawmakers need to look at the fact that student achievement has not increased despite the increase in dollars that have been pumped into state and federal education programs. It is true that investment in education is an investment in the future of the economy, but changes need to be made to current policies.

  • Federal spending has increased for elementary and secondary education programs, especially Title I for disadvantaged students.
  • However, two-thirds of students still can’t read or solve mathematical problems at grade level.
  • The government has increased the amount of Pell grants despite having a $5.7 billion budget shortfall this year.

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