Intellectual ammo is abundant, but our leaders don’t even pick up their guns

One of the things that defines the modern age almost more than anything when it comes to the political arena is the gap between the thinkers and those who are elected to do something – but don’t. Every day a multitude of good arguments are made in commentary pieces published from coast to coast. Weekly and monthly there are bushel baskets of new research and analysis ready for the taking by “leaders” who are supposed to lead – but don’t.

I said it in today’s earlier post – if John McCain doesn’t win this election it won’t be because he didn’t do his part. Like his time in Vietnam – McCain gave his all. His poll numbers have run ahead of the Republican brand all year long. But have other Republicans – from the state house to Congress – stepped up to do their part to improve prospects for the GOP this November? Few have. Very few have. So few I can’t name any.

Just one quick survey of the web this Wednesday evening results in yet another gold mine of great materials. While I’ve had my differences with writers at the National Review in particular, it alone was almost a one-stop shop for anyone looking to bolster their case in the remaining week-and-a-half of this election.

The good news is that our side is well-armed with good people providing excellent materials – intellectual ammunition – ready for use. Follow a few of the links below – from NR’s homepage copied at 10:20 PM, October 22, 2008. And ask yourself when was the last time you heard anything like this from Republicans running for office.

ANDREW C. MCCARTHY: Meet Michael Klonsky, Obama’s “social justice” education expert. “Another Communist in Obama’s Orb

MICHAEL KNOX BERAN: What drives the intelligentsia’s hero worship of the junior senator from Illinois? “Paging Arthur Schlesinger

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: This race is about race to a lot of Obama supporters. “Black Like Me

DAVID FREDDOSO: If the public campaign-finance system is broken, Barack Obama broke it. “Fake Donors, Phony Pledge

BYRON YORK: How has Sarah Palin governed? “How Palin Governed

JAMES C. CAPRETTA: The last thing a struggling economy needs is to excuse and enable dependency. “Great Society Redux?

MICHELLE MALKIN: If the prospect of Joe Biden sitting a heartbeat away from the presidency doesn’t give you palpitations, you are not paying attention. “The Increasingly Erratic, Super-Gaffetastic Joe Biden

THOMAS SOWELL: Liking Obama — or the idea of Obama — is not reason enough to make him president. “Believers in Barack

PETE HEGSETH: Obama’s tepid foreign policy would invite aggression from our enemies. “Right You Are, Joe