Internet Liberals Give, and Internet Liberals Take Away

They indeed do give and take away — so what are conservatives going to do to make up for this reality? Here is Jeremy Egerer:

This has been an ominous month for the right wing. Until now we had lived with the vestiges of “free speech” and believed, erroneously, that the internet would allow truth to be spread. The truth about said truth is that people were in charge of the internet, and that this chaos of ideas gave birth to new powers of censorship, and that as men were capable of giving us speech, they were also capable of making us mute. We had escaped the hounds of the New York Times only to run into the nets of Mark Zuckerberg. Before, we were worried we could hear only “all the news that’s fit to print.” Now we wonder whether our neighbors can see what we post.

They clamped down on us in the war against “fake news.” The Russians tried to meddle in our elections and were caught. Moscow had tried, with questionable success, to tell us things that were not true, and the Democrats in charge of the internet, believing that these untruths were responsible for giving us a Republican president, decided to make war on whatever they deemed false. Thus they scrubbed YouTube, overnight, of prominent Republican vloggers. Amazon deleted God knows how many reviews of right-wing authors. Facebook unpublished accounts and restricted the audiences of its right-wingers, and Reddit and YouTube, following the massacre at Parkland, deleted all videos pertaining to gun maintenance. We are in the midst of a purge, and the most troubling thing about all of it is that few of us know that it is happening.

The question is how we got to this point. I believe there are several explanations, the first of these being that conservatives are always on the losing end of things.

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