Introducing the “Z-Gram”

Championnews publisher Jack Roeser recently asked me to begin a series of brief articles called “Z-Grams” that would be short and highlight one “factoid” on public pensions and salaries. These will be bite-sized items you can finish reading before you finish your donut in the morning.

I will still be producing the longer articles outlining our long-range positions on various pension matters but the Z-grams will appear much more frequently and will keep you up to date on a single point of reference so you can be ahead of the crowd. They will be items most people are not aware of so pass them on.

The original “Z-gram” (from telegram) was the idea of Chief of Naval Operations (the top Navy guy) Admiral Elmo Zumwalt in 1970 as a method of notifying naval personnel of new policies and rules. Admiral Zumwalt was responsible for many new polices such as allowing beards and sideburns not to mention the installation of beer vending machines in BOQ (Bachelor Officers Quarters.)

By the way Jack Roeser turned down my Z-gram request for beer vending machines at Champion News offices so Jack is a lot tougher than Admiral Zumwalt.

My first Z-gram follows this intro so look for it right now.

If you have any items you think I should address contact me at [email protected]