INVASION: 76,300 Muslim Migrants Invade Europe from Turkey

By Daniel Greenfield:

Abandoning the pretense that the so-called “refugee crisis” is anything more than military colonialism, Turkey’s Islamist tyrant responded to military setbacks during his invasion of Syria by discarding his aid agreement with the EU, while the media under his control urged Muslim migrants to head to Europe.

And they have.

The invasion has begun again.

Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and other countries were massing on the Turkish borders with Greece and Bulgaria last night, hurling stones at guards and trying to cut through razor wire.

An estimated 30,000 migrants gathered at checkpoints after Turkey’s president claimed to have ‘opened the doors’ to allow as many as 4 million asylum seekers to leave the country.

One of the first stand-offs came on Friday night at Pazarkule, north-eastern Greece, where hundreds of migrants – including Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, Pakistanis and Moroccans – demanded to be let in.

Most of these are not Syrians. The only thing they have in common is religion and its tradition of conquest and colonialism. They’re not fleeing a civil war. They’re mostly military-age young men invading Europe. And anywhere they can get to from Europe.

Greece and Bulgaria are obviously outmatched. And these countries were the traditional targets of the Ottoman Empire.

The current number of migrant invaders is estimated as being much higher than 30,000.

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