IRS Targeting Tea Party Is The Logical Conclusion Of Big Government

conservativehqFrom Conservative HQ:

Big government liberals are prone to “outsmart themselves” by pushing a laudable goal, say clean air or water, to a frightening and Orwellian conclusion — such as flying drones over the property of innocent farmers in an effort to enforce increasingly oppressive Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

IRS Big GovernmentBureaucrats engage in such oppressive activities because they figure they can get away with it – the average citizen being too intimidated or lacking the resources necessary to assert their rights against the almost unlimited resources of government.

As attorney Mark J. Fitzgibbons observed in an op-ed for The Washington Examiner, “Government bureaucrats operate in a mostly consequence-free world compared with the rest of us, especially when it comes to law-breaking in the conduct of one’s livelihood.”

That must change, and when change comes, the Tea Party movement, energized by revelations it was targeted by the Obama administration’s IRS for political discrimination based on its views, will likely lead the way.

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