Is Illinois better off than it was ten years ago?


Illinois Senators and Senators-elect:

Is Illinois better off than it was ten years ago? We all know the answer: conditions are far worse.

Part of the reason for that is due to the GOP caucuses in the General Assembly making the wrong choice for leadership ten years ago this month. Neither Tom Cross nor Frank Watson and his chosen successor ever got the train on the tracks.

At no point in these past ten years has there been an effective attempt by G.A. Republicans to present a compelling message to the voters of Illinois. At no point.

Some of us were firing up warning flares as early as the spring of 2004 and continued on annually to no avail. The state has been on a downward trend both policy-wise and GOP messaging for a decade.

I would love for any of you to explain to me how keeping the current leadership in place is any different than voters in Illinois giving the Democrats veto-proof majorities or voters nationwide endorsing the failure that is Barack Obama.

The current leadership has no vision, no message, and seemingly little understanding about what should be done. If I’m wrong, why haven’t we seen progress over this ten year period? Instead we’ve lost ground. A lot of ground. Even since Christine Radogno replaced Watson.

Are you going to argue that Illinoisans like the path we’re on fiscally and morally? I’ve lived among non-political people here most of my life and I know it’s a “red” state filled with voters who haven’t been given a good choice since 1998.

Changing the leadership should be the easiest step to take to begin the process of doing things differently. Please take that step and make the next decade better than the last.

John Biver