Is It Time for Churches to Abandon Tax-Exempt Status to Protect Religious Freedom?

FederalistPapers.orgI was saying this years ago and it’s good to see it’s still being discussed. From Steve Straub at

Given recent revelations that the IRS has been targeting people of faith, people who are conservative and people who support Israel Mike Huckabee suggested at a pastors conference June 10th that it might be time for churches to give up tax exempt status in order for Pastors to be able to preach freely rather than be limited by the requirements that non-profit status imposes.

ABP News reports Huckabee’s remarks:

“You may not clap real loud for this, but at least hear me out and think about it and pray about it,” he said. “I think we need to recognize that it may be time to quit worrying so much about the tax code and start thinking more about the truth of the living God, and if it means that we give up tax-exempt status and tax deductions for charitable contributions, I choose freedom more than I choose a deduction that the government gives me permission to say what God wants me to say.”

Huckabee said it may be time for churches to say: “Keep your deductions. Keep the exemptions. We stand more faithful with what God would have us to say, and we choose our freedom more than our financial benefit.”

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