Is Traditional Marriage a Myth?

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins destroys the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman and it’s so fun to watch:

A Chicago Tribune columnist does it again.

Tribune columnist Steve Chapman argues that the notion of “traditional marriage” is a myth. What’s almost comical about his “argument” is that all the evidence he marshals in support of his thesis actually undermines it. Chapman argues that because some marital “customs” have changed, there has never existed a recognizable and stable form of marriage that can be identified and that we can, therefore, refer to as “traditional.” But (and here comes the almost-amusing part), every prior form of marriage that he cites as evidence was sexually complementary, thus undermining his thesis that there is no prior marital structure that can be recognized as stable and “traditional.”

If the variability of social and legal tinkerings with marital customs, rights, and responsibilities throughout history can be applied so expansively as to eliminate the single enduring constituent feature (i.e., sexual complementarity), then marriage becomes both formless and meaningless. Chapman apparently believes that tinkering with some features of marriage justifies eradicating any feature of marriage, including the central feature without which marriage is not marriage: sexual complementarity. If that goes though, there is no reason to retain the requirement regarding numbers of partners, a change of which the Left is increasingly admitting they find acceptable. But there’s no rational reason to stop there.

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