Obamacare not ready for prime time

As I type this the morning of October 1st I have about eleven pages of links that I’ve yet to post excerpts of — the deluge of good materials (that I discuss in the right column on the home page) continues unabated. So does the inability of Republicans and conservatives to learn how to effectively do outreach. That will be the topic of many Dispatches once again.

Up #1, appropriately from the Drudge Report, the following banner:

It linked to this headline: “Surprise! Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work; HealthCare.gov a total mess.” Big “surprise” is right. It’s not exactly news that big government is incompetent.

Here are just four more of the many articles today noting Obamacare’s launch:

Obamacare not ready for prime time by Grace-Marie Turner.

The ObamaCare Cliff posted at The Future of Capitalism.

Now Is the Time to Halt the ACA by the National Review editors.

AP fact check: No, you can’t keep your plan, and other things we should have already reported from HotAir.com.