Issue videos on several topics to help get fence-straddlers to move right

If you have friends or family members still on the political fence as we head into this last weekend before the big vote there are a slew of good, short videos that might be able to help them make up their mind.

The John McCain/Sarah Palin campaign has many great ads – found here:

Our friends at the Illinois Family Institute had this to say about two video links they sent:

“Here are two outstanding, non-partisan 501(c)(3) – compliant videos that can be sent to your pastor to show in your church on Sunday morning, November 2nd, or e-mailed to your friends regarding the impact Faithful Voters can make in the coming election. It clearly identifies the most critical moral issues at stake in this election. We encourage you to view the videos and pass them on to friends, family, and your pastor.”

The videos: Video (Length =4:17) Video (Length =3:35)

Added: Abortion-survivor Gianna Jessen appeals to presidential candidate Barack Obama to support protection for babies who are born in the course of an abortion. Here is a link to the ad:

Gianna Jessen Pro-Life Ad

Leading Hispanic actor Eduardo Verastegui endorsed Senator John McCain earlier this month and released a video encouraging Latino voters to reject Barack Obama because of his pro-abortion position. Follow this link to watch the video:

Here is another video of interest to Catholics on the subject of defending marriage:

One Man – One Woman – for the Common Good

Here is a video that discusses Barack Obama’s record on the issue of partial birth abortion – it’s effective and because it is graphic, it’s not easy to watch:

Partial-Birth Abortion – Barack Obama Debate Comments

Earlier this year a documentary was produced that includes former Illinois state senators Pat O’Malley and Steve Rauschenberger discussing the Barack Obama they knew in the legislature. For a preview of it, follow this link:

NR’s the corner blog alerted us to this:

The Tax Foundation recently sponsored a video contest to raise awareness about high business tax rates in the United States.

The winners are here.

And here: First placeSecond place. (Bonus: Funny Russian bride joke.) Third place.

We noted these last week:

  • At, there are five short videos on economic policy, right to life policy, judicial choices, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.
  • At there are eighteen short video ads featured.
  • At there is a 30 second video explaining that Obama doesn’t flip flop, he holds two views simultaneously.
  • And finally, at – there are, as the address suggests, radio ads on several topics, including energy policy, ethanol, experience, foreign policy, health care reform, immigration, the price of gasoline, a possible recession, and union elections.

Enjoy. And please help spread them around.

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