It’s time for a moratorium on the economic issues

I’m kidding with the headline. It’s intended as a poke at Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who not long ago suggested that we can all behave as we want to without consequence except when it comes to the realm of economics.

That’s not exactly what he said, but it’s similarly foolish. Mr. Daniels evidently thinks the “social issues” should be put on the back-burner so the Republican Party can focus on what it’s good at – advancing limited government.

Again, I jest. It’s difficult for me to take Republicans like Mitch Daniels seriously.

At no point in my lifetime has the Republican Party been good at advocating for limited government. In case you didn’t know, government continued to grow even while Ronald Reagan was president. The Republican Party has done a lousy job advancing every single plank in its national platform.

The reason the public is rejecting the Democratic Party and its style of governance has nothing to do with Republican Party performance or advocacy. Voters merely see now what life looks like when your step on the accelerator in the same direction that the Bush/Hastert led government was headed.

Americans didn’t like the Bush/Hastert overspending and deficits, so they elected a team that pushed the pedal to the medal and quadrupled the Bush deficit.

Of course that choice by voters makes no sense. It’s the responsibility of political leaders to make sure busy people are offered a clear choice on election day – and usually they’re presented with a clear choice.

Back to the talk of moratoriums: I don’t know how to say this any simpler, but you cannot separate the behavior of the people from the economy. The laws are economics are dictated by human nature. Human nature run amok does not lend itself to the kind of economic climate that leads to growth and prosperity.

If you think we can have one kind of economy and another kind of society, you and I will have to agree to disagree.

And unfortunately for the sexual anarchist community, our founding fathers agreed with me and not them. There are a number of quotes found on this topic, but here’s one quote that sums them all up:

Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ~ John Adams

We have to fight on all fronts simultaneously. Why? Because our political opponents aren’t offering any such silly “moratoriums.”

Energy policy: The Cap and Traders aren’t going to quit.

Education policy: The government-run Education Blob isn’t going to quit.

Health Care policy: ObamaCare won’t be easily repealed.

Foreign policy: If you think Republicans have done a good job winning public opinion for the right course of action in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m not sure what world you’re living in.

Limited Government: How many taxeaters do you think will willingly give up their job or contract or entitlement?

Immigration policy: This has been in the news enough so it’s obvious this will continue to be a fight.

Abortion policy: No thanks to the GOP, the pro-life community is gaining ground – and is now fighting the abortion funding provisions in ObamaCare.

Homosexual & transgendered “rights”: These people think their sexual predilections trump your First Amendment protection of Freedom of Religion.

I could go on. We can do it all. We have to. In our individual lives we all multitask. The World War II generation fought a two-front global war. The notion that the GOP can only deal with one issue at a time is – again, I don’t know how to say it nicely – it’s not in line with how life and the real world works.

With today’s column I’m going to begin to take a look at the evidence that was presented at the August 5-7, 2010 Americans for Truth about Homosexuality “Academy.” Our political leaders have failed on all issues. Giving them an excuse to set aside the social issues doesn’t solve anything.

It’s high time our candidates and office holders step up and learn the truth about the radical, un-American agenda being pushed by the “GLBT” (etc.) movement.