It’s Called Communication: Six Humorous Colorado Energy Ads

These ads were brought to my attention the other day. We all have different tastes when it comes to humor — I happen to like these.

It’s easy to imagine a series where the sheikh and oligarch characters featured below are replaced by government bureaucrats of all types. Say, the Chicago area school superintendent that retires at age 56 and receives a $200,000+ per year pension. Oh, yes, there are many of them out there. Or someone more modest, like the retired Chicago suburban teacher who retires at 56 and receives a $100,000+ per year pension (oh, yes, there are thousands of them). Or how about the federal bureaucrat whose full-time time sheets are signed off by superiors despite the fact that they actually work part time or less — such as those I just read about the other day.

The variations are almost endless on every issue.

Enjoy…each one made me laugh, and I particularly liked the Ukraine sign in the first oligarch one.

Here’s their YouTube channel. I plan on checking back to see if they add any new ones.