It’s the best of times for getting informed

It might be the worst of times many of us have seen when it comes to moral decay and an out of control government, but there has never been so many resources available for those who are seeking policy solutions.

Any candidate – or pundit – or busy American – has access to more facts, figures, and good ideas than has ever been available in human history. Yes, my rhetoric there is a bit much with the “human history” comment, but you get my point.

For candidates for federal office, the nation’s premier think tank – the Heritage Foundation – has made the task of getting up to speed on all the important issues a breeze. Its website is a goldmine. Heritage’s main site and daily email newsletters are also valuable to keep up with the right analysis on the news.

Here’s how Heritage sums up Issues2010 on the home page:

The Issue:
Frames the debate by providing a straightforward overview of the issue area and the problems facing Congress and the executive branch.

Concrete recommendations by Heritage analysts who have examined the issue and facts in depth.

Facts & Figures:
Key facts and supporting data that candidates need to understand the issue and formulate solutions.

Additional Resources:
A list of the most important publications by both Heritage and outside experts who specialize in the issue area.

Heritage Experts:
Complete contact information for experts on the issue.

Let’s say you’re a first time candidate for Congress and you get asked your opinion about what should be done about the threat posed by the nation of Iran. Heritage’s foreign policy experts summed up the issue nicely. Click on the title and scan their recommendations to see if you disagree:

Ten Steps to a Free Iran

Of course there are many other great organizations that realize everyone doesn’t have time to read white papers or even executive summaries. One group is the National Center for Policy Analysis. Imagine you’re a candidate, or just someone about to speak to a group, or even just one neighbor talking to another – and you have some of these facts parked in your head about the economy:

  • According to the Financial Times, America’s fiscal picture is even worse than it looks.
  • The Congressional Budget Office just projected that over 10 years, cumulative deficits will reach $9.7 trillion, and federal debt 90 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) — nearly equal to Italy’s.
  • The size of the federal debt will increase by nearly 250 percent over 10 years, from $7.5 trillion to $20 trillion.
  • Other than during the Second World War, such a rise in indebtedness has not occurred since recordkeeping began in 1792.

These facts sure beat tired and empty rhetoric. It’s my personal view that most clear-thinking people who hear that information will get the point. The above information, by the way, was in the NCPA’s post from yesterday:

Disastrous Debt Will Test America

Candidates – and everyone else who is doing their part to make their fellow citizens better informed – should make use of Heritage‘s and the NCPA ‘s great work.