James Comey Deserved To Be Fired

Yet more information most Americans won’t learn from the liberal mainstream media — here is Ben Domenech writing at The Federalist:

James Comey should’ve been fired months ago.

There is a simple fact that makes analysis of the firing of FBI Director James Comey difficult: he deserved to be fired. At any point over the past nine months, prominent members of both parties have contended that Comey had to go. It is far easier to advance a convincing argument that Comey’s behavior over that time represented the wrong course for the FBI Director to take in every single instance, from his decision to hold his press conference, his decision not to recommend indictment, his decision to publicly continue to talk both on and off the record about these matters, his decision to publicly reopen the case in the manner he did, his decision to rely upon a laughable dossier constructed by the President’s political opponents, and his continued decisions regarding what he says in public and private, and what he implies about current investigations.

The overall appearance he creates as the head of the FBI has seen an utter collapse in that time from that of a respected independent career official to someone who is viewed fundamentally as a political actor who cares more about his personal image than the department he leads. At every juncture, Comey might have been better off adopting George Costanza’s approach: just do the opposite, and see what happens.

. . .

So again, James Comey deserved to be fired. He should’ve been fired months ago. There is little question in my mind that President Trump would’ve preferred to fire him much earlier. But at the time of the transition and Trump’s rise to the presidency, Trump was actually in a much weaker position politically than he is today. It is hard to imagine a situation where Trump’s knifing of the FBI Director in his first week in office would be greeted with approval by Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley and others. Now that they’ve had time to see Comey’s continued activity and get used to Trump’s approach to office, they endorsed the move. That is telling.

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