Jeanne Ives’ Campaign Ad

Here is Laurie Higgins skewering the critics of the new Jeanne Ives campaign ad:

Some words about the histrionics and ignorance of “LGBTQAP” activist organization Equality Illinois, former Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady, ACLU of Illinois’ executive director, excessively temperamental gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy, and gubernatorial hopefuls J.B. Pritzker and Daniel Biss.

In paroxysms of faux-outrage, they said a bunch of stupid stuff in a Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Ives ad targets transgender community, immigrants and women who get abortions” about Jeanne Ives‘ new video campaign ad. (To be accurate–a rare priority among journalists–the ad “targets” falsified birth certificates, immigration law, and mandatory taxpayer-funding of feticide.)

For those who haven’t seen the ad, actors portray representatives of the constituencies Governor Bruce Rauner  serves and the troubling policies he has effected in Illinois as the “Worst Republican Governor in America.” These representatives include a young woman who thanks Rauner for making Illinois taxpayers pay for her abortion, a criminal illegal immigrant who thanks Rauner for making Illinois a sanctuary state, and a man who pretends to be a woman who thanks Rauner for letting him use girls’ restrooms.

Equality Illinois said that Ives is “‘launching a campaign of division and rancor. We need a governor who will stand up for all Illinoisans, not someone who will target transgender Illinoisans for their personal political benefit.‘”

So, when Democrats support the violation of immigration law, or allow men and women in the private spaces of opposite-sex persons, they’re not being divisive? And “standing up” for men who impersonate women requires the end of sex-segregation in restrooms and locker rooms?

As usual, the ACLU of Illinois waxes foolish: “‘It is sad that a candidate for the office of governor of Illinois would seek to divide voters by attacking our neighbor, friends and colleagues who are newcomers and refugees, those of a different race, those who are transgender and poor women in need of health care.‘”

First, state employees–whose babies’ murders we now must fund–are not poor women, and killing humans is not health care.

Second, objecting to men in women’s private spaces does not constitute an “attack” on them. I would argue that men who enter women’s private spaces are more on the “attack”–figuratively speaking, of course–than those who oppose men in women’s private spaces.

Third, objecting to policies that disregard immigration laws does not constitute an attack on “those of a different race.” (Just curious, is the newest euphemism for criminal illegal immigrants “newcomers”?)

Fourth, what divides voters are lawmakers who don’t respect laws, who don’t honor the intrinsic meaning of biological sex, who don’t honor the safety and privacy of women, and who force citizens to be complicit in the killing of other humans.

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