Jerusalem: President Trump Shows Courage Where Past Presidents Have Failed

It’s “old news” now, but here are a few articles about President Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, including two by liberal Democrat Alan M. Dershowitz and one by former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton:

Jerusalem to Name Train Station After Trump

The United Nations Blocks Reality on Jerusalem

The Number of Countries Considering Moving Their Embassies to Jerusalem Is Growing

Another Nation Announces It Is Moving Its Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem

WATCH: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Responds To The 128-9 United Nations Vote

Netanyahu Addresses EU Foreign Ministers
Stressing Jerusalem’s importance to the Jewish people and to Israelis.

Jerusalem Mania in Turkey
Jerusalem’s Judaic history dates back thousands of years before the birth of Islam.

The Conflict over Jerusalem Is ALL Obama’s Fault
This entire brouhaha about Jerusalem — including the staged tactical violence by Palestinians — is entirely the fault of a single vengeful individual who put personal pique over American policy: Barack Obama.

Turkey Mania: “Jerusalem is Muslim”
By rejecting Jerusalem’s Judaic history, Erdogan is ironically denying that his holy book, the Quran, recognizes the Land of Israel.

Jerusalem: An Opportunity for Islamic Reformation?

Trump’s Reality Therapy on Jerusalem
President Donald Trump broke free of the self-absorbed fantasies of the “international community.”

Long History of Hypocrisy about Jerusalem

Erdogan’s Threat to Jerusalem
And what Israel and the U.S. must do in response.

Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration Long Overdue

What Has Jerusalem to Do with America?
What is at the heart of the debate over Jerusalem is the spiritual foundations of Western civilization. Jerusalem is like no other city. Jerusalem is the Shining City on the Hill.

Time Flies When You’re Torching Synagogues

Trump Posts Video of Others Declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel — His Predecessors

President Trump’s Jerusalem Move Deals a Blow to Terror
We won’t let Islamic terrorists decide where we put our embassies.

Trump’s Great and Ingenious Gifts
President Trump gives a Hanukka gift to the Jewish people and a Christmas gift to the American people.

Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
Finally, the ancient Jewish city can take its place among world capitals.

Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Trump’s Non-Radical Decision on Jerusalem
President Trump made the laudable decision Wednesday to recognize reality: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and our embassy should be in that city.

Jerusalem, Now and Eternal
President Trump’s recognition of Israel’s capital is at once prosaic and revolutionary.

Backgrounder: The Jerusalem Embassy Controversy

Peace Through Jerusalem
Trump not only kept a promise but did what three previous presidents refused to do for our ally.

Donald Trump Strikes a Blow against International Anti-Semitism
By moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem, the U.S. confronts the bigoted double standards of the international community.

The US Formally Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel: Why It Matters

Will God Bless Trump for Moving Our Embassy to Jerusalem?

What Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem Means for Israel and the Middle East

Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Based on Historical and Current Reality

Netanyahu Thanks Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem: The Jewish People Will Be ‘Forever Grateful’