Jew-Hatred Ancient and Modern

Here’s Bruce Thornton on Jew-hatred ancient and modern:

Colonizing the Democratic Party.

Recently the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives failed to censure Rep. Ilhan Omar for indulging anti-Semitic tropes like the “dual loyalties” slander. Not long after, the international edition of The New York Times published a vile cartoon caricaturing Israeli Prime Minister as a guide-dog leading a blind Donald Trump, another anti-Semitic lie about the Jews’ malign influence, one popular in Nazi propaganda of the Thirties.

Jew-hatred on the left is becoming more prevalent and bolder, these days nourished by the progressive Democrats’ alliance with traditional Muslims, whose ancient Islamic doctrines have for 14 centuries made Jews the scapegoat of Islam’s ills.

One of the biggest current bipartisan cover-ups is the studied silence about traditional Islamic Jew-hatred. As Andrew Bostom documented in his compendious The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism (and here), from Islam’s birth the Jews have been depicted as the inveterate enemies of Allah’s revelation to Mohammed. In the Koran, they are “laden with God’s anger,” destined to suffer forever “abasement and poverty,” and to be turned into “apes and swine” because they rejected Mohammed–– slurs incorporated into the genocidal Hamas’s foundational covenant. The latter slur about “apes and swine” is a favorite of contemporary Islamists. Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir, for example, in 2002 called for jihad against the Jews, “those apes, pigs, and worshippers of calves,” the latter phrase linking the exodus story about the golden calf to modern anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews as greedy money-grubbers and masters of the global financial system.

Modern Muslim clerics and theorists of jihad have regularly repeated these ancient assertions of Jew-hatred. The godfather of modern jihadism, Muslim Brother Sayyid Qutb, wrote about Jews in the same manner as Islamic canonical texts. In his late-Fifties essay “Our Struggle with the Jews,” he blames the troubles of Muslims on “the same Jewish machinations and double-dealing, which discomfited the early Muslims.” He demonizes Jews for “behaving in the most disgusting aggressive manner and sinning in the ugliest way” and committing “unprecedented abominations.” His solution is to “let Allah bring down upon the Jews people who will mete out to them the worst kinds of punishment.”

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