Jimmy Kimmel Story of Infant Son: Tell Me Life Is Not Precious! (Video)

Of late The Left has become ever more unhinged: Donald Trump is president and there’s not a thing they can do to change that. So what do the Progressives do? Throw tantrums, march in violent marches, squash free speech of any but leftist radicals, and wear ugly and obscene hats.

DNC Chair Tom Perez cussed and yelled that the Democratic party is a pro-choice party — pro-lifers need not apply. As if any pro-lifer having read the Dem platform would WANT to apply.

Of all the issues the Dems are upset about, nothing, and I mean nothing surpasses their sacred “right to an abortion.” I’ve felt the ire of radical, pro-choice feminists up close and personal: it is vile and it is motivated by principalities and powers far more wicked than the human eye can see.

Progressives scream “MY BODY MY CHOICE!” at these rallies, no mention of the baby’s body and the baby’s choice. That wondrous child, created by God, should be safe in its mothers womb. But modern secular humanists, leftists, have made the infant safe haven a killing field.

Now, against that backdrop with all of Mainstream Media, most of Hollywood, academia, and the liberal throngs shouting for the right to kill the unborn, enter a video seen by over seven million people in a mere two days.

I’m no Jimmy Kimmel fan. I don’t watch his show. But this video is marvelous.

And without meaning to do so, Kimmel’s video is a powerful advocate for the preciousness of human life.

It’s much more accepted and fashionable in Hollywood to save dogs or whales or whatever is the pet species of the week. Kill a puppy and the wrath of the glitterati will descend like the plague of locusts on Egypt.

Kill a pre-born baby and the stars yawn and give a thumbs up for women’s rights. Of course no one checks in with that mother or the father years later to ask about the guilt and tears and even nightmares.

Watch this video and think about why so many millions have loved watching Jimmy Kimmel’s story about his infant son. And do grab a kleenex first.

Jimmy prefaced the story of William’s birth and heart problem with assurances that there was a happy ending. But still the tears come as emotion grips the father’s heart, thinking how close they came to losing their beloved son.

That story belies the falsehoods told by abortion activists who try to assert “it’s just a tiny clump of cells!” Godless humanism would say “humans are the product of macro evolution, merely an accident of nature.”

But try telling Jimmy and Molly Kimmel that baby William is an accident. I bet they won’t buy it.

God bless those nurses and surgeons and ambulance drivers who all played a part in Baby William’s survival. God bless Jimmy and Molly Kimmel.

Life and death are warring in America. With the Kimmel video, chalk one victory up for life!


Jimmy Kimmel and baby William

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.